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How to Make THE BEST Fried Green Tomatoes

With a crispy flour and cornmeal crust, this easy-to-make, golden-fried green tomatoes taste sweet and tender and totally addicting when paired with my simple, creamy garlic aioli dipping sauce.

Fried Green Tomatoes | #fried #green #tomatoes #recipe

With a short growing season here in Utah, it feels like we just barely get our tomato harvest in full swing when it suddenly stops short. Before you know it, those plump and juicy red tomatoes we’ve been carefully cultivating for summertime BLT’s and the best balsamic-drizzled caprese salads, are facing the frost of fall. Not to go to waste, you’re left wondering what to do with the bounty of green tomatoes from the garden. Don’t delay, fry those tomatoes up! Or, if you’re like me, this classic southern fried tomato recipe just might have you plucking your green tomatoes well before the late summer harvest, too. This simple Southern fried green tomatoes recipe makes for the perfect summer appetizer or side, but these ‘maters are also perfect between two slices of buttery, toasted white bread for an epic fried green tomato grilled sandwich. For fried green tomatoes, use firm, unripened tomatoes. Look for green tomatoes that are lighter in weight than red tomatoes, since they haven’t developed their juice. They’ll likely be very light green in color.

Fried Green Tomatoes | #fried #green #tomatoes #recipe

What’s in These Fried Green Tomatoes

Here’s what you’ll need to make these:

  • green tomatoes—Beefsteak, celebrity, or early girl tomato varieties work best for frying
  • all-purpose flour
  • buttermilk—some people use an egg mixture for dredging their tomatoes, but I prefer the rich and tender flavor of buttermilk (and its thick coating, which helps the breadcrumb mixture adhere better). If you don’t have any buttermilk, you can substitute 1 tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice with 1 cup of milk).
  • cornmeal
  • breadcrumbs (use plain breadcrumbs)
  • kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • cayenne pepper (paprika, or even creole seasoning would also be yummy)
  • canola, grapeseed, or vegetable oil (for their higher smoke point)

Fried Green Tomatoes | #fried #green #tomatoes #recipe

How to Make Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried green tomatoes don’t take much effort, just a little coordination. Before you get started, make sure you choose the right green tomatoes. Beefsteak, celebrity, or early girl tomato varieties work best for frying. Heirloom green tomatoes will be juicier if used and may not hold up to the cooking process.

Here’s how to make these fried green tomatoes:

A mix of cornmeal and breadcrumbs provides the perfect crunch. A pinch of cayenne gives just the right bite. Whisk your dry ingredients together.

Dip the tomatoes into dry, then wet, then dry. Dip in the flour mixture, then the buttermilk, then the cornmeal/breadcrumbs. It’s repetitive and oddly therapeutic.

TIP: Use one hand to do the dip and dredge or you’ll have two gummed-up hands instead of just one.

Fried Green Tomatoes | #fried #green #tomatoes #recipe

How to Cook Fried Green Tomatoes

Use a cast-iron skillet or a heavy bottom skillet for frying the fried green tomatoes. I find cast-iron skillets hold the temperature more consistently than a regular skillet, and won’t discolor the pan.

Use a thermometer to monitor the oil temperature. My candy thermometer does double duty to make sure the oil hits 350°F for the perfect temp to create a golden brown crust. Too low of a temp will result in a soggy crust, and too high and you’ll scorch the suckers.

Don’t crowd the pan. Fry your tomatoes in a single layer and remember that as you add the coated tomatoes to the skillet the temperature will drop but will rise as they cook.

Note: Don’t be too concerned if your green tomatoes begin to turn red in spots before cooking them. As long as they’re mostly green and firm, they’ll still cook fine.

Fried Green Tomatoes | #fried #green #tomatoes #recipe

What do Fried Green Tomatoes Taste Like?

To me and my savory side, fried green tomatoes taste like candy. There’s something magical that happens to firm, green tomatoes when they’re coated in a cornmeal crust and fried:

  • The sugars inside caramelize and sweeten.
  • The golden cornmeal crust is crunchy yet light.
  • They’re frigging delicious

Why Fry Green Tomatoes and Not Red Tomatoes?

Green tomatoes (because they’re younger and firmer) stand up better to frying than red tomatoes, which are too soft and delicate and will likely not hold together for frying.

Fried Green Tomatoes | #fried #green #tomatoes #recipe

How to Freeze Fried Green Tomatoes

Like many fried foods, green tomatoes are a good candidate for prepping ahead, freezing, and cooking later.

  • Slice the green tomatoes, then layer on a cutting board or cookie sheet that will fit into your freezer, lined with wax paper.
  • Freeze the slices individually, then store the frozen tomato slices in a freezer bag.
  • When ready to cook, DO NOT THAW.
  • Prep the still-frozen tomato slices by dredging in the flour, buttermilk, and cornmeal, and cook as instructed.

Fried Green Tomatoes | #fried #green #tomatoes #recipe

What to Serve With Fried Green Tomatoes

As an appetizer, I love these fried green tomatoes dipped with:

Or, squeeze with lemon and eat in their own glory.

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Fried Green Tomatoes | #fried #green #tomatoes #recipe