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The 10 best Easter recipes - according to you

Exciting new recipes as well as classics and tried-and-true favourites readers return to year after year. These are my 10 best Easter recipes, as chosen by you!

Discover more in my Easter super collection – it’s even organised by course!

Sometimes, an abundance of choice is a blessing and at other times it is a curse. So, I thought, wouldn’t it be helpful to tell you what I think are the best Easter recipes, to help you choose your Easter menu??

Turns out, it’s an impossible task. Because I am a disloyal foodie who likes to stray and experiment, so I don’t have personal Easter favourites. (Example – I made baklava for Easter dessert last year. Who does that??? 😂)

But I can tell you the top 10 Easter recipes readers return to year after year, and the new recipes that have rapidly become fan-favourites. Much more reliable than asking for my opinion!

So here they are. Which of these make your cut??

What readers say: It’s fluffy, well spiced, works as promised, and really not that hard at all, I promise! Store-bought can’t rival the experience of fresh, homemade buns. I really hope you try them.

Easy Hot Cross Buns Recipe - perfectly spiced, fluffy and moist, with a no knead, no stand mixer option!

There’s something about the grandness of a whole leg of lamb taking centre stage!! The only thing you need to know about roasting the perfect lamb leg? Get a meat thermometer. (OK fine, I have a few more little tricks too – find them in the recipe).

Roast lamb leg dinner with sides
Classic roast lamb leg

Alternatives – Rack of lamb (classic or crumbed), Greek butterflied lamb leg, Moroccan lamb backstrap. Also see below for slow cooked lamb, the fall-apart rather than carving sort.

3. Slow roasted Greek lamb leg

For those of you after the fall-off-the-bone sort of roast lamb, the slow roasted Green lamb leg has been a much loved favourite for years, along with the classic garlic rosemary version.

Slow Roasted GREEK Leg of Lamb - Tender fall apart lamb made the Greek way! Super easy.

My choice

Lamb shoulder rather than lamb leg. Juicier, more flavour, and you can make it in advance because it reheats 99% perfect like freshly made. Can’t do that with lamb leg! Choose from the deluxe 12 hour overnight version (Greek flavour) or its little sister, the 3 hour lamb shoulder (classic rosemary garlic) or for an exotic spiced version, Lamb Shawarma!

My signature glazed ham! For those of you in Australia surprised to see this on the list, glazed ham is a traditional Easter centrepiece in the States.

While I am very fond of classic brown sugar glazed ham, the maple glazed ham has that extra something-something that makes it special (that special something being, wait for it… maple syrup! 😂).

Close up of Maple Glazed Ham ready to be served

Save the bone for pea and ham soup or ham bone congee. The more ham scraps on it, the better!

Tossed with a balsamic dressing, it’s just a combination that works so well! This has been a long standing favourite with readers for years. Actually, it is a top 5 recipe during the Christmas holidays too!

This Roast Pumpkin, Spinach and Feta Salad with a Honey Balsamic Dressing is a magical combination. Terrific side or as a meal.

For (many) more side salads, head straight to my super collection for vegetable and side salads, or this special collection of side salads I put together especially for Easter menus. Also, don’t miss my special show-off salads, a collection of salads created for those who want to steal the show…….with a SIDE SALAD! 😱

Making mash at the last minute is a pain. So it’s no surprise readers jumped on this make-ahead mashed potato casserole recipe that I published just a few months ago during the holiday season!

Make it today, then pop it in the oven tomorrow. Creamy and smooth, just like your favourite mashed potato, with the bonus of a cheesy, bacony topping. YES.

Scooping up Mashed Potato Casserole

Plenty more potato goodness contained in my potato super collection! Few reader-favourites:

Not sure I’ll ever be able to top this, an invention from a couple of years ago that has become a much-loved reader favourite!

Honey butter glazed salmon topped with creamy dill and a nut dried fruit rubble. People love it because it’s knock-your-socks-off delicious, easy to make, mostly make ahead and looks SO GOOD.

Overhead photo of Christmas Baked Salmon

See also my Easter fish & seafood mains recipe collection here. Few reader-favourites:

Potato layered with cream, cheese, a sprinkling of thyme (secret!), then baked until bubbly and golden. Just pure heaven, and one of my all time most popular potato sides. (Understandably!)

Potatoes au gratin (Dauphinoise Potatoes) fresh out of the oven

See above under #6 for more potato sides.

This is a signature dish of mine, a recipe that bistros have actually asked me permission to use to serve to their patrons!! Creamy and cheesy, but not overly greasy, baked until bubbly with a crunchy panko breadcrumb topping.

For everyday purposes I’ll use whatever cheese I’ve got on hand. For special occasions, I splurge on gruyere which catapults it into fine-dining stratosphere. Try it!

Baked Mac and Cheese in a black skillet fresh out of the oven

Similar dishes chasing baked Mac and cheese:

Simple, warm, fluffy dinner rolls made without kneading. Will this ever fall out of the top 10 for holiday occasions?? No!!

No Knead Soft Dinner Rolls fresh out of the oven, ready to be eaten

Notable mention: Crusty artisan bread, the most-made bread recipe on this website, year round.

11. Crunchy roast potatoes

I know I said top 10, but I can’t leave out roast potatoes – these came in at #11!!!

When it comes to roast potatoes, crunchy they must be. For ultimate wow factor, look no further than the duck fat fat potatoes. Crunchiest result and best flavour. Because duck fat has flavour – not ducky, it’s just good savoury flavour – as opposed to oil which is largely flavourless.

But if you can’t get duck fat, here’s the recipe to make really crunchy roast potatoes using oil. Also see my potato super collection!

Close up of Duck Fat Potatoes fresh out of the oven
Crunchiest ever duck fat potatoes

And there you have it. The top 10 (11) Easter recipes that readers are returning to year after year, as well as some new recipes that catapulted to the top of the list during the Christmas/Thanksgiving season last year that are Easter-worthy.

I will mention, however, that I have a couple of exciting new special Easter recipes I will be sharing next week along with a little surprise! So stay tuned……

What about you? What are you thinking of doing for Easter this year? Share your ideas so others can get inspiration! – Nagi x

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