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6 Years of Sally's Baking Challenge!

6 years and 71 baking challenge recipes!

What started as a mindless “oh let’s try assigning a recipe to readers each month!” in January 2017 turned into a massive success for the past 6 years, with thousands of bakers participating.

I am so thankful for every single baker who participated over the years!

What is Sally’s Baking Challenge?

Sally’s Baking Challenge is a monthly series on my website where I publish a specific recipe on the 1st of the month and challenge readers to bake it during that month. To enter, you make the recipe, photograph the finished product, and email the recipe photo to my team and I. You are then entered to win a gift card prize! At the end of the month, we randomly select a winner. This has been lots of fun, especially trying something new every single month.

So in addition to all of my regular baking recipes, from February 2017 – December 2022, I published one new challenge recipe per month. That’s 71 “challenge” recipes.

Sally’s Baking Challenge in 2023

As we start a new year, I’m knee deep in a new project! I’m working on my 4th cookbook this year, and it’s with a brand new publisher Clarkson Potter under Penguin Random House! Working with such a large publishing house is a big opportunity for me, and I’m beyond thrilled.

I can’t wait to share more about it soon.

To give myself enough creative space for this enormous endeavor, the Sally’s Baking Challenge series is taking a pause in 2023. There will still be new recipes on my website, as usual, just no big organized baking challenges this year.

If you’re subscribed to my email list, you won’t miss a thing. (Including new recipes, plus behind-the-scenes cookbook recipe testing and announcements!)

If you want to keep the challenge going for yourself, use this year to catch up on any previous challenge recipes you haven’t tried yet. 🙂

Some of my favorite challenge recipes over the years include checkerboard cake, homemade croissants, cheese bread, and chocolate soufflé.

Most Popular Challenge Recipe

The purpose of these monthly challenges is to bring bakers out of their comfort zone, and tap into a little creativity. My team and I always saw the most participation in the month of January. Out of all 71 challenges, Homemade Artisan Bread was the most popular. In fact, it’s in the top 10 most popular recipes on my entire website. (And I have over 1,200 published!)

Which Sally’s Baking Challenge recipe has been your favorite?

homemade artisan bread loaves
Artisan bread was the January 2020 Sally’s Baking Challenge recipe.

December Baking Challenge Results

December 2022 Sally’s Baking Challenge Recipe: Pinwheel Cookies. This shaped and rolled cookie was a fun recipe to wrap up 6 years of Sally’s Baking Challenge! The team and I loved seeing all of your variations with different color doughs, different flavors, sprinkles, chocolate dips, glaze drizzles, and more. Many readers even used peppermint extract to turn them into peppermint pinwheels.

Thank you so much for participating! We gathered as many emailed photo entries as we could and included them below.

December Baking Challenge Winner

Challenge winner for December is Jenn who has already been notified.

pinwheel cookies on a plate

What’s Next?

Even though my Sally’s Baking Challenge series is taking a break in 2023, there will still be new recipes on my website the entire year. In fact, I have a new recipe coming tomorrow! You can find all of the new recipes on my homepage as they are published, and/or subscribe to my email list.

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