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The Best Early Black Friday Air Fryer Deals

Straight to the Point

You can read our full review of air fryers here. For a full list of early Black Friday deals we recommend, head here.

If you’ve ever wondered “is an air fryer worth it?” and come to Serious Eats (a site known for not buying into trends or marketing fads) to find out, then the answer might surprise you. Because we genuinely like air fryers. Compared to a convection oven or toaster oven or even an air fryer toaster oven, air fryers offer quicker cooking, speedier cleanup, and little-to-no preheat time. Because of their compact cooking chambers and powerful fans, air fryers heat fast. Add in their perforated baskets and you have a recipe for nice, deep, all-over browning—no, they don’t deep-fry—with minimal effort (read: a toss or two per cooking cycle).

We recently tested 11 popular air fryers and came away with four models that performed incredibly well, were easy to use, and were fairly effortless to clean. And with Black Friday coming up, we thought it’d be helpful to roundup which of our favorite air fryers are on sale. Get one and you, too, can make crispy fries, chicken wings, salmon, and Brussels sprouts as much as your air-fryer heart desires. 

So, without further ado, here are the two best, tested-and-recommended air fryer deals happening right now.

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