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Over 30 of Our Favorite Newborn Essentials

I didn’t know how much I would love to read bloggers’ newborn resources until I had a baby myself. Yes, of course, baby shower registries are fun and all, but when it’s all said and done, what are the products you’ll actually need and use the most?!

I’ve put together a list of some of our favorite products we use on an almost daily basis for Sidney and now, Viggo. Enjoy and let me know if you have any favorites below!

collage of newborn baby essentials

  1. Vtech Baby Monitor: direct connection (not connected to wifi) baby monitor for no delays in feedback. I’ve tried A LOT of baby monitors and this is probably our fav.
  2. Babo Botanicals Diaper Rash cream: I love how soothing and gentle this diaper cream is, especially for babies.
  3. Baby Shusher: a small device that helps shush the baby to sleep. Saves you some mouth dryness.
  4. Babo Botanicals bath soap: all natural baby bath soap that smells amazing! We also use their calming baby lotion.
  5. Dr. Browns 8oz bottle: our favorite bottle that helps prevent baby from sucking too much air while feeding. We love the 4oz ones for newborns, but the 8oz is nice to have for when they get bigger.
  6. Frida Air Purifier + Sound Machine: I just started using it and love the night light on it, plus the ability to have a sound machine & an air purifier.
  7. Breastmilk freezer bags: these are my favorite bags I’ve tried! They don’t ever leak because the plastic is thicker. Greatest way to store and build up the breastmilk supply.
  8. Baby fleece booties: we could never get our baby’s socks to stay on. These easily strap and stay on!
  9. Bibs Pacifier: our baby’s favorite simple pacifier. Really the only one he likes.
  10. Keekaroo baby changer: our baby changing station and one that we still use for Sidney. We love it!
  11. Baby Loovi portable changing pad: fold and go changing pad. This is perfect when they’re newborns and you want to change them pretty much anywhere, like on your bed.
  12. Shynerck backseat mirror: Perfect for keeping an eye on baby while driving since backward facing.
  13. Happy Baby Carrier: carry baby in style with this soft carrier.
  14. Babybjorn bouncer: our baby’s favorite area to sit and watch his parents. We throw this everywhere we need to and it easily folds up for transport. This is a must!
  15. Tiny love stroller toy: loves this toy and keeps his focus while in a stroller or our baby bjorn bouncer.
  16. Hap Tim diaper bag: not-too-fancy diaper bag that has convenient space and pockets for all of baby’s goods. We LOVE this.
  17. Dock-a-Tot: this is the only thing Sidney napped in for the first month or so. We loved it!
  18. Honest diapers: our favorite brand of diapers. Baby doesn’t blow out as much.
  19. Ubbi diaper trash can: great trash can that holds that dirty diaper smell at bay.
  20. Ubbi trash bags: strong trash can liners that fit the Ubbi trash can.
  21. Lovevery Playgym: great spot to keep baby entertained and practice tummy time. We use this all the time and LOVE.
  22. Nursing Bras: baker’s best friend. Holds the pump in place without having to use my hands. And yes, I bake all the time with them on. For both nursing + pumping.
  23. Swaddlme swaddle: a type of swaddle that makes it easier to secure baby. We use this right away because they are easy and then transition to the Ollie swaddle once they start getting a little bigger.
  24. Tubby Todd baby ointment: we used this to help with the cradle cap! It’s seriously LIFE CHANGING! Also great on dry patches.
  25. Frida baby bathtub: this is what we use to safely wash our newborn!
  26. Mommy’s Bliss Vitamin D drops: all natural vitamin D drops given to the baby once a day.
  27. Halo BassiNest: love our new bassinet for baby. There’s really nothing life changing about it but I do love that you can swivel it.
  28. Giraffe Pacifier: A fun pacifier that allows a baby to grab onto a stuffed animal. Sidney loves it in the stroller.
  29. Nursing tank: I recently got these nursing tanks and really love them. So simple to use and have a built in bra. Heck yes. Great for throwing a cardigan over!
  30. Haaka Breast Pump: This is primarily what I’ve been using to catch my milk. Every time I nurse I put it on the other side and it is a game changer. Every day I’m able to catch anywhere from 4-6 oz of milk without PUMPING! Yahoo! 
  31. Chicco Car Seat: safe, secure and comfy.
  32. Honest baby wipes: Our favorite brand of wet wipe. We also love Water Wipes.
  33. Motherlove nipple butter: this has become my go-to nipple butter to use. I simply love it because it soothes and quickly heals sore nips.
  34. Burp cloths: these are perfect for spit up and any other messes that you or baby makes!
  35. My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow: I’m obsessed with this thing. I honestly do not know what I’d do without it!!
  36. Zoe Stroller: a hip stroller with the ability to fold for easy carry for travel. We love it for the city. You can use the code ‘AMBITIOUSKITCHEN’ to get a free parent organizer with any stroller purchase. We also have the Donkey Bugaboo but off of Facebook Marketplace!
  37. Hooded newborn bath towel: great for after bath – soft and adorable too!
  38. Solly Wrap: perfect for newborns and easy + comfortable to use once you get the hang of it.
  39. Branch Basics Starter Kit: I use this to clean messes and blow outs baby makes, especially their oxygen boost, which helps remove stains! Use the code ‘AK’ to get 15% off any starter kit.

What products did you love the most during newborn life? Let me know below!

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