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Mrs Meyers Clean Day Mum Scent Review

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Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day has been making some seriously good-smelling cleaning products since 2001. (In those days, “Geranium” was a revelation; “Basil” was visionary.) Now, the company sells a dizzying number of scents, with new releases and seasonal collections debuting regularly. It’s a lot to keep track of — and while I’ve never found a Mrs. Meyer’s scent truly objectionable, I’ve tried enough to know that I prefer some over others, and one above all: Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Mum.

Mrs. Meyers’ “Mum” Scent Is the Best Scent

As is often the case with such discoveries, I can’t quite recall when or where I learned that Mrs. Meyer’s “Mum” scent was the scent to buy. What I do remember is that people were devoted. Passionate. Resolute. (The company confirms that it is, in fact, a fan-favorite, averaging a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating, and a best-seller in the fall scent collection.) When I finally did acquire some Mum, I immediately joined the ranks of its fans. I love it.

So what’s it smell like? I’d describe it as a pleasant, generically floral scent with a hint of “fresh laundry.” It’s not cloying, and it satisfyingly mellows to a detectable, but subtle fragrance post-use. Does it smell like mums? Uh … maybe? Until learning about this product, I kind of assumed mums didn’t smell at all, their major contribution to the garden being one last gasp of blooms before winter arrived.

Whatever you choose, I am a big proponent of using it year-round, and I make sure to stock up on it every autumn. I suggest you do too, but act fast — those Mrs. Meyer’s Limited Edition Winter Seasonal scents will be pushing Mum off the shelves any day now.  

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