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Kitchn's 30 Best Recipes to Cook This November

There’s simply no way around it: We cannot talk about cooking or eating in November without considering Thanksgiving. Sure, it’s just one meal, but for many of us it’s the Super Bowl of cooking. There is so much great eating to be had.

Need a hand planning your menu? We’ve got you covered with Thanksgiving recipes to take you through the entire meal: everything from the turkey (or if you’re making a vegetarian main, go for mini stuffed pumpkins) and the sides to dessert and festive cocktails. Now, I don’t know about you, but for me, the best part is the leftovers. Make a giant pot of turkey stock and get your fill of turkey sandwiches. Then remember that you can repurpose turkey leftovers the same way you’d use leftover chicken. There are so many possibilities.

There’s still a ton of cooking and eating that happens outside Thanksgiving, and for that, this is a great month to lean into simple, cozy comfort. Creamy orzo, an easy spin on beef stroganoff, chicken adobo, fall-inspired sheet pan gnocchi, and chocolate chip-studded pumpkin bread are all great ideas to keep in your mealtime roster this month.

Bottom line: November is a great month for some seriously delicious food. Here are 30 of our favorite ideas to inspire your cooking and baking all month long, because we want you to have a positively delicious month ahead.

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