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50+ Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Side Dishes You Can Reheat


Stuffing is a great make-ahead side. Depending on your schedule and energy level, you’ve got a couple of options. For just a little bit of a head-start, you can simply toast the bread up to several days in advance. Or if you prefer to tackle a little more, the whole dish can be prepped and assembled, then stashed in the fridge until you’re ready to slide it into the oven.

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Sausage and Apple Stuffing

You can prepare the stuffing and assemble the ingredients in the baking dish (just leave out the egg/broth mixture). Cover then refrigerate until you’re ready to bake. When ready to bake, pour the egg/broth mixture over the top and bake according the recipe insturctions.

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The Best Easy Stuffing

It doesn’t get much easier than this 5-ingredient stuffing. Plus it can be completely assembled, topped with butter, covered tightly with buttered aluminum foil, and refrigerated overnight.

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Wild Mushroom Stuffing

Get a head start by totally assembling the stuffing a day in advance, then top with butter, cover tightly with buttered aluminum foil, and refrigerate overnight.

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Sicilian Meatball Stuffing

Not only does this meat-filled recipe offer a welcome twist on your Thanksgiving stuffing, but it also comes with big make-ahead potential.

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