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10 Stunning Ceramic Pieces from Haand's Servingware Sale

We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission. All prices were accurate at the time of publishing.

Not to state the obvious, but dinnerware is so important. The set you choose is likely the one you’ll use for years and years to come, so you need to make the right investment. But, whereas everyone prioritizes dining plates and coffee mugs when shopping for kitchen items, the same can’t always be said for servingware. You might think you’re fine placing fruit, appetizers, and other edible goods on your basic, everyday dishes, but when guests come over, you’ll wish you had something nicer to put out. Here at Kitchn, we’re big fans of Haand’s ceramic dishware for exactly this purpose. Not only are this brand’s products dishwasher- and microwave-safe, but they also look so sleek and elegant.

We know Haand ceramics can be quite pricey, though, so anytime there’s a sale, it’s a prime opportunity to get these beautiful pieces for less. Speaking of which, now through November 6, all of Haand’s servingware is 25 percent off, and you get free shipping on orders over $250! Simply add your desired items to your cart, and the discount will automatically be applied. In case you need a collection refresher, here are all of the marked-down servingware pieces in question.

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