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This Simple Hack Will Give You the Best Brownies You've Ever Tasted

With the plethora of methods readily available on the internet, you rarely need to search too hard to find a unique spin on your favorite brownie recipe. One minute, you think your baking skills are completely unmatched. Then, the next, you come across a random video that changes everything, unlocking a simple hack you never thought to try. This is exactly how I came across Grackle, aka GraceBooth97 on TikTok, and her take on the viral frozen brownie hack that has been making its rounds on the internet recently.

Although my track record with brownies has been quite literally dry, I still wanted to give these extra gooey-looking treats a shot, and try this so-called hack out for myself. 

Try the Method: Frozen Brownie Layers

How to Try the Frozen Brownie Layers Hack

The star feature of this hack is the use of your freezer. You’ll want to begin by laying out two pieces of parchment paper on separate cutting boards, spreading an even square-like layer of Biscoff spread on one, and a thin layer of Nutella on the other. Be sure to make each layer similar in size to your actual brownie tray so that it fits over evenly. Place each spread in the freezer for at least an hour, until frozen stiff.

As the video notes, freezing the layers of Biscoff and Nutella will deliver extra gooey brownies opposed to the caramelized and burnt alternative you get when adding those ingredients at room temperature. 

While the layers finish up the freezing process, start preparing your preferred brownie recipe. Once you have your batter made and brownie tray greased, pour a portion of the batter into the tray, making sure to fill in the corners. Remove the parchment paper from your frozen Nutella and place it down on top of the first layer of batter, before spreading more batter on top. Then, add your frozen layer of Biscoff and spread the remaining brownie batter on top of that. Throw it in the oven, baking per recipe instructions, and wait for the magic to happen. Once cooled, cut carefully and serve immediately — paired with your favorite ice cream. 

My Honest Opinion of the Frozen Brownie Layer Hack

Honestly? This hack rules and is quite possibly the best way to make brownies! For someone like me who classically leaves brownies in the oven for a minute too long, the sheer amount of gooeyness on display is astounding. I’d argue that as long as you don’t burn them, the gooey aftermath of the frozen Biscoff and Nutella is absolutely to die for. I would recommend this hack to anyone who is trying to experiment in the kitchen, as well as anyone who appreciates a messy meal, because messy almost always means delicious. 

3 Tips for Trying the Frozen Brownie Layers Hack

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