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The 10 Best Cheese and Candy Pairings of All Time, According to a Cheesemonger

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It all started with crackers, naturally. Shortly after, we expanded the cheese-pairing possibilities to cookies (a sweeter cracker, some might argue). And now, we’re here to complete our cheesy trilogy with the ultimate sugary base: candy.  

This sweet-and-savory extravaganza includes 10 of our favorite chocolatey, fruity, sour, and spicy candies. You can find all of these in stores year-round (with the exception of maybe candy corn, which you can make yourself if need be). But now is when you’ll find bulk bags of these fun-sized sweets everywhere. Bonus: They’ll be on sale VERY soon, so stock up so you can turn out the sweetest cheese boards this holiday season.

1. Blue Cheese and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

2. Gjetøst and Pretzel M&Ms

3. Triple Cream and Hershey’s Special Dark

4. Honey Goat Gouda and Twix

5. Starburst and Thistle Rennet Cheese

6. Alpine-Style Cheese and Skittles

7. Strawberry Goat Cheese and Hot Tamales

8. Sour Patch Kids and Mascarpone

9. Kit Kat and Sharp Cheddar

10. Candy Corn and Truffle Cheese

Don’t see your favorite pair? Tell us in the comments below!

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