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Scout Canning Tinned Fish Review 2022

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I was not a fan of canned tuna when I was growing up. The texture, the smell of the mayo-infused tuna my mom made — sorry, Mom! I was also a vegetarian for a period of time when I was younger, so it wasn’t until adulthood that I decided to give tuna a second chance. Recently, I’ve seen more sustainably caught tinned fish brands in the grocery aisles (and my Instagram feed) — and in gourmet flavors to boot — which definitely piqued my interest. And as a private chef, I really needed to see (err, taste) what all the hype was about.

These two factors collided in an unexpected, yet totally delicious way when I was visiting a specialty grocer in Austin, Texas in the spring. A canned fish brand called Scout caught my eye (the cool packaging certainly helped), so I decided it was time to dive into canned tuna once and for all. It also helped that I’d seen some of my favorite chefs like Colu Henry and Pierce Abernathy use the brand in their recipes. If the pros approved, I probably would too, right?

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