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Our Top Two Summer Salads

Nothing says “summer” like a perfect salad showcasing the peak of fresh produce. Whether plucked from your garden or picked up from a local farmer’s market or grocery store, this is the time to enjoy the fleeting wonder of these ingredients in their prime. We asked for our Community to share their best summer salad recipes, hoping for some new go-tos to add to our repertoire. And our Community delivered!

Arisa Slutsky’s Tomato Confit and Kimchi Panzanella makes masterful use of summer’s superstar, the tomato. This recipe pairs flavor-packed, roasted, garlicky tomatoes with bright, sweet, fresh tomatoes all tied together with pungent, spicy kimchi, crusty bread and fresh basil. The result is a hearty salad, both deep and fresh, that can be enjoyed on its own or paired with grilled steak or chicken for a filling meal.

QUEENSASHY’s Late Summer Tomato Corn Verrines gives us a joyful and elegant presentation layering a surprising blend of flavors. Each bite blends sweet corn, briny olives, fresh tomatoes and cucumber in a spiced vinaigrette with a dollop of herbed creme fraiche finished with a crisp, spicy bit of bacon.

Both salads impressed us with their innovative twists on classic salads, their choice of flavors and the way in which they truly let these summer stars shine. Take a look at their recipes, try them for yourself, and vote for Your Best Summer Salad!

Tomato Confit and Kimchi Panzanella by ARISA SLUTSKY

Photo by Arisa Slutsky

Late Summer Tomato Corn Verrines by QUEENSASHY


Please join us in giving QUEENSASHY and ARISA SLUTSKY congratulations in the comments section below! If you can, try one or both of these at home, and vote for your favorite by heading over to our contest page. You have now until 12 p.m. ET on October 8 to tell us which recipe you loved the most. We’ll announce the winner at 12 p.m. ET on October 9.

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