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How to Crimp Pie Crust: A Step-by-Step Guide

Crimping a pie crust is like putting on a piece of statement jewelry before you leave the house. It’s strictly decorative and won’t make your pie any tastier (or will it?), but looks oh-so nice for your pie presentation.

There are, in fact, a few keys to knowing how to crimp pie crust like a professional. First, you’ll want to follow these steps on how to make perfect flaky pie crust, then try out these three easy ways to decorate your crust, all of which are simple enough even for novice bakers. All of these methods work with a standard flaky pie crust, whether dairy-full, gluten-free, vegan … you name it.

Prep Your Pie Crust Before Crimping It

Starting with chilled dough (which is easier to manipulate without the dough tearing or being overworked), roll out the dough and transfer it to your pie pan.

Then, before crimping the pie crust, trim the excess dough around the edge of your pie with kitchen shears, leaving 1 inch of dough beyond the lip of the pie plate. Fold the dough under itself to make a dough edge that stands upright around the pie pan. Now, you have a clean edge of dough to crimp before blind-baking your pie crust or filling it and then putting it in the oven.

How to Crimp Pie Crust 3 Ways

1. Use the index finger of your dominant hand to push an indentation in the dough from the inside edge out.

2. While you’re pushing the dough with your finger, use the thumb and index finger of your other hand to pinch the dough around your finger and create a fluted shape.

3. Place your thumb in the curve created by the pinching motion and continue around the edge of the pie.

Try It with These Pie Recipes

1. Bend the index finger of your dominant hand and place it on the dough edge at a diagonal angle.

2. Use your thumb to squeeze and pinch the dough between it and your knuckle, creating a wave pattern.

3. Continue around the edge of the pie.

Try It with These Pie Recipes

1. Flatten the dough edge so it rests against the lip of the pie pan.

2. Using the tines of a dinner fork, press into the dough to create a pattern.

3. You can press straight down as you continue around the pie, or alternate directions diagonally to make a crisscross pattern.

Try It with These Pie Recipes

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