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House of Noa Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Standing Mat Review 2022

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For Lisa, it came down to a mix of comfort and style. “I do not love my kitchen — especially the cheap blue-flecked countertops,” she says. “The one thing that makes me like my countertops a little more? My House of Noa kitchen mat! It looks like a gorgeous vintage rug and helps tie the room together. It’s super comfortable to stand on while I’m washing endless piles of dishes or testing some new cleaning method.”

Our former tools editor Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm likes that these mats are incredibly cushy. She even took her love for them one step further and got two House of Noa mats. “I’m often cooking and testing kitchen equipment for hours, and these mats ensure my back and feet stay happy,” she adds.

Copy chief Lauren Kodiak also owns two mats. “One lives by my kitchen sink, so I can stand on it when I wash dishes and prep food. I also have a smaller one at my standing desk (which, coincidentally, is just me standing at my kitchen counter with my laptop) to keep my back and feet comfortable while I work.” Our former features director Ariel Knutson uses hers to brighten up a dated rental kitchen that doesn’t have a dishwasher. “I spend a lot of time at my sink hand washing everything — and this mat has totally saved my feet and back! It’s not too squishy, not too firm — just right,” she adds.

And the fan club doesn’t end there. Video producer Anita Chomenko gifted a mat to her mom for the holidays. “My mom spends every Sunday meal-prepping in her kitchen, standing on wood floors! So last Christmas, I got her a House of Noa mat to give her extra cushion to stand on,” notes Anita. “She says it’s way more comfortable and eases some strain on her back and feet. Plus, it’s easy to clean and looks nice in her space.”

So what is it that makes these stylish mats super comfortable? Each one is made with a 3/4-inch thick polyurethane foam that’s free of phthalates and also adds a plush layer that takes the strain off your lower back, so you can stand more comfortably. The mat has beveled edges to prevent tripping and a slip-resistant base that stays firmly put — a feature that appealed to many on our team. And if stains are of particular concern, don’t worry: You can easily wipe off stains, spills, and drips with a damp towel. 

Sold yet? All that’s left to do is pick your favorite design and size. The brand has more than 15 styles all inspired by heirloom rugs, like this vintage floral number or a black and white checkered print, and each one comes in several sizes to fit various kitchens. There are even kitchen bundles that come with a small and large mat for double the style and comfort. My achy feet — and I — can’t wait to get in on this game-changer, too.

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