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10 Products You Need for Delicious Homemade Matcha Martinis

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You might be used to seeing matcha in tea, lattes, and maybe even baked goods or ice cream. This slightly sweet and bitter-tasting powder, however, is making its way beyond your Starbucks cup this winter. Whereas the espresso martini has reigned supreme as the trendy cocktail for a couple of years now, more and more people are seeming to realize that matcha martinis are just as fun and delicious, especially for the holiday season. If you see this drink on a bar or restaurant menu, you have to give it a try, because every cocktail bar you venture into will undoubtedly put its own spin on the beverage. But, we won’t fault you for not wanting to drop close to $20 (in some cases) on one tiny aperitif. Instead, you can make it at home for less! You don’t have to be a bartending virtuoso in order to craft your own perfect matcha martini and awe holiday party guests — there are plenty of easy-to-follow recipes online, and you just need a few key ingredients that we’ve conveniently listed out below. So read on, and happy mixing!

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