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Waterdrop Water Filter Review 2022

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Alright, I’ll just come out and say it: I’m a water snob. I could give you a million reasons as to why I’ve assumed the dreaded title, but I think it’s probably best to cast aside disclaimers and just fully embrace my identity as an H2O elitist. The truth of the matter is, I’ve got an especially attentive set of tastebuds. Although my well-tuned tongue has afforded me the pleasure of picking up on the most nuanced flavor notes in a bottle of olive oil, as well as the ability to notice just how differently coffee tastes depending on how you brew it, it also swiftly detects metallic or moldy aftertastes when drinking water.

So, I’ve taken a stab at tackling my taste by buying bottled water (unsustainable in every way), carrying around a LifeStraw (useful, but not a great long term solution), and filling up water-filtering pitchers to store in my fridge. And, while I did develop a doable routine with my Soma pitcher, the hassle of filling up the thing, waiting for the water to filter, and finding space in the fridge became a challenge for a hydration-head such as myself. Finally, however, I’ve discovered a solution to my water woes, one that requires minimal financial burden and no constant refilling or ordering: the Waterdrop.

It’s an under-the-sink water filter that ensures every single drop leaving my faucet is free of chlorine, rust, sediment, heavy metals, and funky tastes. But wait, if you’re re-reading the words “under-the-sink water filter” over and over again and feeling a wave of intimidation/dread at the thought of installing something, just know you’re not alone. I, too, at one point in the not-so-distant past, trembled at the thought. But, I’ll admit, I was shocked at how easy it was to install — I didn’t even call my dad once! All that’s required is loosening a few nuts, unscrewing them, attaching the Waterdrop between the two hoses and voilá! It took this un-handy woman all of three minutes to get it dialed in.

After the unexpectedly easy task of getting my Waterdrop set up, I let the tap run for two minutes or so, just to ensure the water had enough time to make it through the entire filter, and then I gave it a little taste. People say NYC water is the best tap water out there. I’d beg to differ — NYC water with the Waterdrop is by far the best water I’ve ever tasted straight out of a faucet. Taste aside, I love that I don’t have to worry about drinking any unsafe chemicals or metals and can rest assured that the handy device retains all the mineral must-haves including magnesium, potassium, calcium, and sodium.

While I did buy (and do use) this brilliant solution for better-tasting, safe-to-drink tap water, it’s had a huge impact on another part of my daily routine that I didn’t expect. Because the little thing is tucked away, hidden beneath the sink, I’ve got a huge pitcher-sized empty space in my fridge — which is a game changer for an avid home cook and leftover enthusiast such as myself. I find I no longer need to constantly rearrange my fridge. Talk about a win-win!

I love that I don’t have to do anything except turn on my faucet to grab a glass of snob-worthy H2O. It’s cut out steps in my busy daily routine, saved space in my fridge, and, unlike other forms of water filtration, it lasts an entire year before it needs a filter replacement. Oh, and changing out the filter just means unscrewing the old and attaching the new. I’ll cheers to that!

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