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This Meal Kit Service Is the Smartest Start to the New Season

Summer has passed in a flash (again) and September has arrived, along with all its seasonal transitions. Whether you’re sending kids back to school or just returning to your busy routine, getting into the swing of things can be hard. That’s why we’re happy to take any assist we can get, especially with the one task that always takes longer than expected: dinner.

If you’ve never tried a meal kit service before, or just dabbled with them in the past, you’ll be surprised by how much Blue Apron can help you manage your schedule. Blue Apron lets you change or pause your weekly meal schedule at any time, and it reduces your overall “what’s for dinner?” stress. And hey, the start of a new season is the perfect time to try something new!

Give yourself a break as things get busy again

Even the most organized people can use a hand settling into fall school and work schedules. Blue Apron helps by letting you skip that extra grocery store run and by saving you from asking or answering the rhetorical “what do you wanna eat?” Almost every recipe is also designed to be ready in under 35 minutes, so you can confidently eat a home-cooked meal in less time than it would take for takeout.

Don’t worry about having to stick to one strict schedule, either. Skip weeks when you need to and change up your plan, number of servings, and menu preferences whenever you want. Their gourmet microwavable options are also huge timesavers in a pinch!

Get inspiration for fall meals to come

The fall grind has a way of leaving you in a constant rush to get dinner on the table, which can suck the fun out of cooking. But having 60+ options each week keeps dinnertime interesting for everybody. Blue Apron‘s menus are inspired by cuisines from all over the world, so you’ll get exposed to new ingredients, flavors, and kitchen skills that you can take into the rest of your cooking. Meal kits seriously are one of the best ways to get inspired to add new recipes to your own repertoire.

Pro tip: Get even more from each box by adding, swapping, or upgrading ingredients, such as extra proteins, sides, or desserts. You’ll thank yourself later!

Now is the best time to get some help bringing fresh, fun, and — most importantly — easy dinners to your table. Customers new to Blue Apron can enjoy $110 off across their first five orders, plus free shipping on your first box.

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