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This Allergy-Friendly Option Is Perfect for Halloween 2022

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If you’re anything like me, then you love Halloween. It’s not just the fun costumes, awesome decorations, and family rituals that make the spooky season great, IMO — it’s the sweets. Tootsie rolls, Milky Ways, Snickers, and Smarties … an excuse for an unlimited candy-eating session? Now that sounds like a great reason to have a favorite holiday, if you ask me! However, therein lies two problems, personally, with that final day of October. First, it requires you be a kid (or have a kid) to partake in all the candy gathering and gobbling. And second, as a celiac, even if I were able to get my hands on a pillowcase full of of bite-sized goodies, it would mean a whole lot of label reading and research. You see, although I didn’t struggle with consuming gluten as a kid, upon my diagnosis in adulthood, I found GF candy options are surprisingly few and far between.

So, when I found out that the makers of my all-time favorite GF cookie were releasing a special Halloween treat, I said a little Hallow’s Eve “bless you” out loud, not only on my own behalf, but also for all the kids out there who have restricted diets and may feel left out of food-forward holidays such as Halloween. Partake, the editor-favorite inclusive cookie brand, just launched some Snack Packs made up of mini, bite-sized versions of their crunchy chocolate chip cookie (the only treat that could satisfy my Famous Amos cravings).

The Snack Pack comes in a set of 10 bags, each filled with small, extremely snackable cookies. Unlike other options out there, these chocolate chippers have none of the weird aftertastes or chalky textures often associated with GF baked goods. TBH, these little baggies of goodness would make even the gluten-lovers in my life jump for joy.

But, it’s not just gluten these cookie geniuses are steering clear of. The treats are also vegan, GMO-free, and made without the top nine most common allergens (of which one in every 13 kids is effected by). But, IMO, you would never be able to tell the scrumptious morsels were catering to any kind of food restrictions. In fact, I’d be surprised if I could find anyone who didn’t find themself opening a second baggie in one sitting.

While I truly urge every one of you who gets visiting trick-or-treaters to snag a couple packs of these yummy treats — because every kid deserves a treat on Halloween — I’d also recommend getting your hands on some for yourself. Having a snack bag in your purse, car, or backpack will surely brighten up your day in a delicious way. And, I think you’ll find that the extra-crunchy texture combined with the bite-sized nature of these morsels is an unparalleled combo.

As for me, well, on October 31, you’ll find me crunching and munching on multiple bags of these lil’ cookies while watching a scary movie marathon. Who says adults can’t do Halloween too?

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