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These 10 Magnetic Spice Racks Are Must-Haves for an Organized Kitchen

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I like to cook, and although I’m no Julia Child, you can’t say my food is unseasoned. Whether I’m making risotto or roasting veggies, there’s always cause for a little more basil, or another dash of garlic powder, some extra black pepper, a sprinkle of sage — you get the idea. And, as you can imagine, my spice cabinet is overflowing with different powders and blends, some of them purchased long ago and swiftly forgotten. So, whenever I need to find an herb beyond my front row of favorites, the search always results in one big mess. I’m direly in need of a new organizational system to help declutter my cabinets. Thankfully, there are plenty of solutions out there — many of them reviewed here on Kitchn by our own writers. If you, too, could use some more order in your spice station, read on to see 10 of the best magnetic spice racks that’ll get your ingredients squared away neatly.

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