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The 35 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers of 2022

Whenever people ask me to recommend a gift for a coffee drinker (as someone who’s worked in the specialty coffee industry for 16 years), I ask: how much tinkering does this person like to do? For some, the allure of coffee is spending the afternoon adjusting their espresso grinder to pull the perfect shot. For others, coffee is best when it’s available quickly, and in large quantities. There are great coffee gifts for both kinds of people included in this guide, and for those that fall somewhere in the middle. 

From ways to grind, brew, and drink, the items below cover every aspect of the coffee experience (from automatic drip to pourover to espresso). And remember: even the best-equipped home baristas could use more filters and cleaning supplies.

Automatic Drip

For those who want a brewer that’ll do all the work or just drink a lot of coffee, an automatic drip machine is a great choice.

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