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Jamelle Bouie Reviews General Mills' Plentifull Cereal

Cereal Eats: Plentiful Cereal, Reviewed

For once, I thought I would try a cereal that wasn’t actually trying to kill me.

Which is why I picked up a box of peanut butter-flavored “Plentifull” cereal, the latest product from General Mills. This is supposed to be a legitimate breakfast cereal for adults, and the box advertises its protein and whole grain content. I personally think you should ignore that stuff. The “whole grain” labeling is meaningless, and there isn’t nearly enough protein in this cereal to justify the caloric content.

Having said that, what matters for our purposes is whether it tastes good. And, well, it does. If you insist on eating cereal for breakfast—and I am of the firm belief that you should not—you could do a lot worse than Plentifull. It has great flavor and crunch, a nice mouthfeel, and it seems like it’s pretty filling, all things considered. I honestly do not have any complaints, and would easily recommend this to anyone in the market for this kind of cereal.

Verdict: 4 spoons out of 5.

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