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Hello my friends and happy end of summer Friday!

Yikes, another season is coming to a close. You’d never know it with the week-long, record-breaking 100-degree temps we’re melting under here in Utah. GAAHHH! Can we please just move along to cooler weather where we can actually sit on the deck and enjoy ourselves? Thank you!

We’ve been eating more veggie burgers lately (for both health and environmental reasons) but this weekend I’m thinking these real-deal chunky bacon cheeseburgers are in order.

The dirty rat who’s been eating all my garden tomatoes seems to have either gotten his fill or has met his death match because I suddenly have several ripe babies minus the gnawing teeth marks. That means these sandwiches are on repeat.

I once sat next to him at a deli counter in L.A., but this couple randomly met Keanu Reeves in a hotel lobby and then invited him to their wedding—and he went! Can you imagine doing the cha cha slide and you look up and there’s Keanu?

11 things to remember when you’re having a bad day.

Why are Americans so thirsty?

This salad proves peas are underrated.

These 2-ingredient fruit roll-ups remind me of my grandma—and I want both now!

Oh my, these baked potato wedges are perfectly crisped.

This cheesy Italian roll-up makes dinner a winner.

I love the spice in this cajun salmon pasta. Give me all the heat.

I’ve never tried Nigerian food but this soup recipe makes me want to asap.

My zucchini is still runneth over so this garlic butter chicken bites with zucchini noodles is something new to try.

Feeling gluten-free? Try this focaccia!

Go Korean with these spicy ramen noodles. yes please.

Cheers to the weekend with frozen watermelon palomas.

Autumn means it’s time to break out the Instant Pot and make:

Now you can get a slice of that epic chocolate cake from The Bear if you’re in Chicago.

The best way to freeze bananas.

My kind of perfect summer sandwich.

These crackers (inspired by one of the best pastas ever) look so amazing.

This banana monkey bread is what weekend baking goals are made of.

Fleeing from the city: How to find a community in the suburbs.

I’m not the only one: Why we’re yearning for 70’s decor again.

14 kitchen cabinets and countertop combos that look good together.

How cool is this portable wine table?! Not a bad price, either.

Amazon’s secret “internet famous” section that’s full of viral TikTok finds.

The internet is losing its mind over this mascara. Have you tried it?

Loving this jumpsuit. That collar though…

These black pull-on jeans bridge fashion-forward with comfort.

What do you think of this piece on Meghan Markle?

Readers with their favorite books. What’s yours?

And that’s it! Get out and enjoy your Labor Day and cook some good stuff!

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